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Image Build is your one-stop, graphic design company for web sites, logos, corporate brochures, literature, case studies and more. We have one objective - to provide superior graphic design and branding services that help drive sales and create memorable brands for businesses of all sizes.

We accomplish this through

  • Cleaner designs that cut through the clutter and get noticed
  • Proven response mechanisms
  • Well thought out designs that makes an impact and drive response.
  • Unbeatable, cost-effective printing

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featured services

Website Design

With our talented team of web designers, developers and animators, there is no project or website design we can't handle. From the very beginning, you will notice a difference in our approach. We provide custom designs and we provide unlimited revisions for the design. We then build your site, keeping you involved every step of the way. We also provide SEO services to get your site seen.

Corporate Brochures, Literature and Case Studies

Whether it’s a stand-alone corporate brochure or a folder with inserts, case studies and a multi media CD, or even just a simple marketing leaflet design we can help. We offer more than just creative design services; we also provide smart tips on the best size, shape and printing options for your company literature. When your business really needs to stand out and have an enduring presence, turn to Image Build to create a dynamic design that brands your company.

Logo Design

No high prices, deep analysis or long waiting time. We provide you with a stress free logo process, without sacrificing anything to achieve quality

above any expectations. Image Build provides you with a tailor made, original logo design to use for your business. We assure we are as picky as you in getting that very special logo, which will represent your company from tomorrow, and forever.

Print Advertising

Print advertising offers its own unique set of challenges. The rules are different and you need a design company that understands that. For instance, did you know that in any given magazine or newspaper, most viewers will only read about 10% of all advertising? With this in mind we design our ads with the audience and media in mind. When we set out to create an ad, we first begin by learning the media and the audience, and then design the ad around those demographics, giving your business the best chance to get noticed.

NEW! CAD Detailing Services

Our CAD drafting services include CAD conversion of floor plans, site plans and elevations, sections comprising design detailing, orthographic projection and technical CAD drawings of 3D components and assemblies. We accurately quote on a per project basis to suit your business requirements.